A Trip To Japan

Mt. Fuji & Sakuras

Just a few days ago I got informed by my friend Lefteris that everything is ok with the upcoming trip to Japan, he said he booked the tickets and probably in the following days we are going to get them. We will be traveling around the 19th of April, well actually the time is really close, less that two months, around that period is the easter for the orthodox christians, so here in Greece it will be a holiday, it is nice, since we won’t have to skip many lessons during the trip, the exam period is almost over and in March the new term will begin.

Well I really want this trip, more than everything right now, and I am really happy it is going to happen, to tell the truth there were moments that I thought it would never happen. Well I actually have some help from my family, as my grandparents are paying for the tickets. This way is possible to go, I really could get all the money for the trip on my own.

Also the trip will serve as a nice birthday present for me, since my birthday is at the 21st of April. The actual stay in Japan will be about 13 days, a really nice amount of time to enjoy a trip to a different part of the world, with a completely different culture. In our time of staying there, we will also visit Tokyo for a few days, well I think it really is a must to visit the capital, this kind of trips don’t happen everyday.

Well I am looking forward to the trip…


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