In The Name Of The King

In The Name Of The King
In The Name Of The King

Well I have to admit that I am generally a fan of the fantasy genre, when it comes to games, stories, and even Movies. I really like the warcraft lore, and Lord of The Rings trilogy is amongst my favorite movies. Generally I like the story concept commonly found in role playing games, such those based on Dungeons & Dragons, and the Forgotten Realms with epic fantasy stories with magic and stuff.

If someone puts aside the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, some other movies I saw on the fantasy genre were not what I was expecting, first of all the Dungeons & Dragons movies, well I think that the first one was really bad, the second was better but still it was missing something. Well I cannot define that something but that was the feeling I got from watching it.

So today while walking back home, my eye caught a poster of the movie In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Movie, so as a fan of the genre I decided to watch it. I have to admit that it was not what i was expecting at all. Was kind of epic mix of Transporter with some kind of low budget movie. I mean really the story could be better. The truth is that i haven’t played the Dungeon Siege series to know about the story but I thing it could be better. Then there is a problem with the bad guys/monster, I mean the movie was made in 2007, it was not a low budget 80’s production, but unfortunately that’s the feeling that you get… the didn’t work it enough. Another thing that caught my eye was a scene where a shield was getting hit, the shield looked like plastic or something, and it was bending in weird ways… I don’t know what kind of material they used but that made it look weird.

Well one thing I liked was the Blind Guardian & Hammerfal tracks playing at the ending titles of the movie. 😛


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