iPOD Classic

my new 160GB iPOD Classic
my Apple iPod Classic

Finally I got my new iPOD, well is it really nice though I didn’t have the time to use it much yet. I used will traveling back to Thessaloniki from my Village, about a two and half hours trip by train. Well I have to admit that what I didn’t really like about the iPOD is the iTunes… Well it is really hard to update the library, to remove dead mp3s etc. It also seems that you can’t configure many things with iTunes… and it needs many resources…

I also checked the Keep Library Organized Option.. and it really fucked up my whole music collection.. I had to spend about half a day to fix the filenames again. I have them store in this kind of tree Genre\Artist\Year – Title\Track Number – Title.extension and when there are more than one disks it goes Genre\Artist\Year – Title\Disk Disk Number\Track Number – Title.extension. Well I really have to admit that I was kind of angry that I had to reorganize all my collection. But now everything is ready, or almost ready to sync my Library with my iPOD. Almost ready because I have to update the iTunes Library file, and it is really slow… well even the sync is kind of slow… I tried to sync it half a day ago and it took about 2 hours to finish…


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