Linux Box

A week now, I am back at my hometown in central Greece for summer time. I was lucky enough to get an old used computer for free, back in Thessaloniki. A friend of mine got a new machine in his shop, and he was going to through away his old one, so I asked him to give it to me, instead.  Unluckily I had to leave Thessaloniki the a few days later so I just managed to get some Ubuntu linux on it.

The specs of the old computer are, an Athlon XP 2600+ or 2700+ cpu, 2×256 DDR at 333MHz of RAM, an NVIDIA FX5900 based graphics adaptor by MSI, a Gigabyte motherboard, it also had a 40GB Maxtor IDE HDD and an 80GB Western Digital IDE HDD. On the pci cards it had a pinnacle video card (i don’t know the model however) a Creative Audigy Sound Card, a 56K Microcom Modem, but no Etherenet… Well I used a crappy 802.11g wireless card that came with my MSI motherboard for networking at the beginning, but when i get back to Thessaloniki I intend to get a Gigabit Ethernet NIC, and reformat the machine… i will go either with Gentoo Linux or with FreeBSD.

Actually one of the lessons I am going to get examined during september is Operating Systems II, which is about UNIX programming, awk and shell scripting and stuff like that. So while I am back at my village I ll use my old computer (with an Intel Pentium III at 733MHz CPU, an MSI MS-6198 motherboard with VIA chipsets, an MSI MX420 graphics adaptor and a DLink PCI NIC) as a linux box to experiment on it, in order to learn. It has been a while now, since I started following the guide for Gentoo installation. I have to admit that I really liked the SSH support even from the liveCD.

Actually the only problem here is the Network Download speed. At Thessaloniki I have a 24mbit ADSL2 but at my Village a 2mbit ADSL it the fastest you can get…


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