Kubuntu 9.04 and Network

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Get Kubuntu

Well generally I have been always a fan of KDE over Gnome, for some reason since the time I started using a Linux based desktop my choice was always the first. However that changed for a period of time with Kubuntu was not the desktop OS for me, Ubuntu had more functionality and was best suited for my tastes generally. However since the release of KDE 4 I decided to give it a try again. First try was Debian 5.0 Lenny with the KDE 4.1 Backport, that I found really interesting. Generally I had been using the Debian variants for some time now and I am really used to them so I prefer them over other distros.

So today I decided to get me the 64bit iso of Kubuntu 9.04 and install it on the partition I had Debian 5.0. So I wipe the Debian partition to install Kubuntu and everything works out fine the installation process ends and I reboot to my new desktop. But there is a surprise for me, because the network is off. Well it is really logical to be off in the beginning to be honest because I have DHCP off. My home network configuration is manual, I got my main computer I am doing most off my work, I got my old computer, usually used as a backup just in case the main one fails and for some surfing and stuff while the first one is busy. And then I got a 9 year old computer that runs on Debian 5 LAMP, headless and manager via SSH that is also a downloader that runs torrentflux.

So as soon as I boot in to the new installation of Kubuntu, I go to the little application called KNetworkManager and try to configure my static IP for the second computer to get online, but then the application icon dissapears and I still have no network connection at all. So now I am kind of pissed and I try to edit manually with nano the /etc/network/intefaces file adding the following:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
network xxx.xxx.xxx.0
broadcast xxx.xxx.xxx.255
dns-nameservers xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

In the meanwhile I also remove the Network Manager, using Kubuntu’s package manager and then I try to restart the networking to make my network connection active again.

However after trying to restart the networking with the “sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart” I get the following message “grep: /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory”. So after this the next step is to create manually the “/etc/resolv.conf” file and and it’s content manually. So after the edit the file looks like this:

nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

In the first nameserver is my ISP’s primary DNS and in the second the backup DNS. Afterwards I restarted the networking and voila, my Internet Connection is active again for my new installation of Kubuntu. Actually this network manager is completely useless to me so I am not going to replace it with something else. The computer is a desktop with a static IP in my home network, without a wireless adapter, so it will almost never change its network settings.


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