Distro Installations

Since I stopped playing World Of Warcraft a few weeks ago (My account is in Frozen status since the 15th of September), I have lots of free time to spend. To be honest I spend much time these days in bed watching anime. But this was not the only thing I did. I decided to also spend some time testing various linux distributions up to the point of having an up to date desktop. Well the easiest part of all was with Ubuntu/OpenSuse/Mandriva, it was really easy for someone to install any of these distributions, even without any specific linux knowledge and without trying too hard. Even the proprietary ATi graphics driver on my spare desktop (a Radeon HD 2600 Pro AGP) was installed easily through the repositories. The only problem (not a real one but kind of annoying) was the multiple bootloader instances.

However after this I decided to reformat my HDD and try something harder this time an Installation of ArchLinux… well actually following the guide isn’t that hard after all… the only actual issue i encountered was with the ATi proprietary drivers… Since March 2009 ArchLinux dropped the official support of AMD/ATi Catalyst drivers. The packages however are maintained unofficial in ArchLinux User-community Repository (AUR) by a user named kensai. Well it took me some time to properly install the drivers.. actually in some point I missed the text that I have to add the fglrx manually in the DAEMONS entry of the /etc/rc.conf.

At this point I kind of have an up to date ArchLinux installation with 3d acceleration provided. I however have to finish with the application installation, and install/configure Compiz for some nice effects. However I have yet to familiarize myself with Pacman (the ArchLinux package manager) to be honest the only package manager I am kind of familiar at this point is the apt-get (aptitude) used in the Debian and Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu.

I think tomorrow I ‘ll spend my time trying to install Gentoo Linux on the next partition… to be honest I always wanted to install it, I actually tried to do so a few times but the result was failure.. and since each installation required much time, due to the compilation of each single package at some point I stopped trying, since that meant that  I would be for hours without a usable computer. However at this point I think I can spend some time doing so since the installation will be on my secondary computer.


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