Operation ArchLinux


So up to this point I was able to get ArchLinux up, and running :), I used the xorg-server with the maximize fix with ATi catalysts in order to get my eyecandy working flawlessly, installed the catalyst 9.9 from the AUR again, I finished setting up Gnome, and I configured the system starting with GDM instead of console, I got my ArchLinux Gnome Login screen, and a black ArchLinux desktop, with black glossy Icons, GnomeDo with docky theme, Compiz-Fusion running, conky to do the System Monitoring etc. I have to admit it really looks wonderful :D.

Now I only have to do some tweaking, for example, I am not sure why, but the icons on the desktop seem to appear only at the moment I scroll over them and then disappear again… I also want to finish with some other things revolved around eyecandy. First of all I want to install Splashy with Uvesafb support and finally Grub2 with some nice ArchLinux theme.

Here is a screenshot of the desktop so far:


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