ArchLinux Everywhere xD

Due to elections in Greece these in the 4th of October, I had to travel back to my hometown in order to vote. So I had some time for some maintenance on the village computer an Athlon XP 2600+ with 1GB ram and stuff. I decided to shrink a little bit more the windows partition (I have Windows 7 installed with some essential software),  I usually use it for web browsing mostly and my parents (actually my mother, because my father doesn’t even know how to power on the computer) use it to burn audio/mp3 cds. So I had a small partition with Ubuntu linux as a form of supporting OS installation, because I generally had some issues with this PC.

So having enough spare time and nothing actual to do while there, I decided to reformat the computer, setup Windows 7 from scratch properly (last time I didn’t create a System Reserved partition), and leave some more room for ArchLinux to get installed. I created a 60MB /boot partition a 512MB swap partition and around 25GB root partition. It took me a while to finish with whatever I had in mind to do with my ArchLinux installation, due to the reason that it took me some time to figure the proper drivers for my nvidia GPU. Apparently in the latest drivers nvidia dropped support for older GPUs like the FX 5 series so trying to install the latest wouldn’t get my GPU working properly. After this I some how found that 173 was the latest drivers that supported my GPU and got it working.

The only actually issue I had with that computer, was with flash movie players in sites like youtube and stuff. I many times tend to open a great number of videos, watching one and having other loading for example. So I tried to do the same on the old computer… and the result… CPU usage 100% after opening the second video/tab.


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