Storage Upgrade Part II

About a week after the purchase of my 1.5 Green Western Digital HDD, I finally was able to get my hands on a Coolermaster STB-3T4-E3-GP HDD module. I installed on it all my Western Digital HDDs plus the new 1.5 TB drive leaving on the case 3.5″ bay only my 7200.11 500GB Seagate drive.

HDD installation
HDD installation

After the installation the case looked something like this:

This is the case after the installation of the HDD module
After the installation.

However the LEDs of the module’s fan where really bright, and due to the fact that I have my computer in the same room where I sleep, these was an issue for me. Actually my pillow is about one meter from to the place the case is facing, so I had the blue light on my face during night that made it almost impossible for me to sleep while facing the tower. Luckily during the first 24hours the top left led burned but still the light from the other three was too much. So I had to disassemble the computer again, remove the module, remove the modules front panel in order to see the fan.

The front panel is removed.
HDD module front view

Since the upper left LED burned, it is the only one which is not covered with black duct tape. However I covered all the other LEDs in order to make the light less bright.

Following this is an image of the side view of the HDD module with the for drives installed:

Module from the side
Side View

After the module’s re-installation on the computer case, the computer’s internal looked something like the following image. Since the case is a Middle tower and the Corsair PSU is not modular, the is a small issue with the cables inside.

The internal of the computer
Computer Internal

After the re-installation of the module the front panel of the case looked something like this:


The LED brightness was reduced enough, making it possible from me to sleep at night with the computer powered on.


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