Back to my Hometown

I am back to my hometown for a few days, (due to the orthodox easter) though I am not a believer myself I have to visit and join my family for this. It’s nice, but actually today (easter) was a pretty tiring day. I have a few days to sleep well, and the bed here is not as comfortable as my bed back in the city.

Since I am already here, I also did some maintenance stuff on my home computer here, like whatever updates got released since my last time here, since I am actually the only one that does something like this, I am even guessing that this computer doesn’t get much use at all. I actually have to do some updates-maintenance to my brothers computer tomorrow (that’s the one computer in the house that gets used regularly).

These days I was testing an issue I had since way back, with this computer. Some times when the computer was getting loaded with stuff, it would make a click sound after which the HDD would stop spinning and the computer would freeze. I was testing various stuff. I have two IDE drives installed on this machine, an 80GB Western Digital ATA-100 HDD and an Optiarc optical drive (DVD-RW). The HDD was set as master on the IDE-0 and the optical as master on the IDE-1. The thing I did was changing the setup HDD to IDE-1 and optical to IDE-0 without changing the cables used, up to this point, for the last 24hours the computer didn’t freeze at all, before it would freeze once every few hours. My suspicion is towards the cable, but I can’t tell for sure if I don’t check it.

One more of the things I did, was to replace the ArchLinux, on the secondary partition with Ubuntu 10.04 Beta as a secondary OS, and configure the linux up to my liking making it accessible only for me. I also installed BURG and the redit theme so now the boot selection menu looks something like the following:

OS Selection Menu
OS Selection Menu

I also installed some needed software, including the client for linux. I recently found out that the linux client is perfect for iPod scrobbling. I stopped using iTunes some time now, I used to prefer iTunes to since iPod due to the fact that I could scrobble the music I listened on the go, but many times the feature didn’t actually work, and I suspect an iTunes issue, so I decided to stop using iTunes, because I don’t really like it. Lately I usually add music to my iPod through Winamp in Windows and scrobble it through the linux client. It’s actually really easy, you just connect your iPod, go Scrobble iPod on the client menu, then select the path where your iPod is mounted and there you go, and this stuff works every single time unlike the iTunes& combo on Windows. I also installed conky with conky colors and some other useful stuff. Here is a screenshot of the desktop:


Then today I decided to play some game on my brother’s PSP so I downloaded “Lunar: Silver Star Harmony” but I couldn’t play it. I got some error and after some Google search I found out that I had to upgrade the firmware. The PSP had the 3.71 M33 CFW and according to a few forum I had to install the 5.50 GEN-D3 in order to play the game. I spend a great amount of time trying to figure out how to update the firmware, since it was my first time upgrading a PSP with CFW. For some time I was placing the needed files in different folders so I was getting a “Corrupted Data” in the PSP menu and I couldn’t upgrade, when I figured out I updated to 500 M33-6 (after figuring out how to bypass the battery check). According to a guide 500 M33-6 was the minimum requirement in order to upgrade to 5.50 GEN-D3 Final. Then I used the XGEN updater and finally I installed the firmware I needed, and finally started the game. However I spend most of my time on the update process that I didn’t have any time left to play… I ll try to continue with it tomorrow.

I actually got some photos from the preparation of the food today, and a few of the trees near the place we were, but I am kind of tired to search for the usb cable for my phone, to transfer the photos on my computer. I guess I’ll post them tomorrow in a new post.


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