Somehow I can’t get rid of iTunes…

Lately I have been trying to manually manage my 6G 160GB iPod classic, in the past through Winamp with the default iPod plugin, lately I moved to MusicBee (it also supports iPod management, but I think it needs some work more, Winamp’s iPod management seemed smoother with less issues), which I believe is a wonderful player, and has also build in support, a feature that is important for me. Well it has a few issues with the tag radio stations but still I don’t have to have the extra of the player.

For iPod scrobbling on the other hand I use the linux client, which makes things a lot easier. And it is working almost always… apparently the last time I tried to scrobble there was some kind of corruption yet again on the iPods database, so I lost every single scrobble. Also the iPod was not visible in applications like sharePod due to the database corruption, so I installed iTunes in order to restore the iPod, I guess that’s the only reason it will be on my system…


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