Changing author in git

While transferring my code repositories from SVN to git, I completely forgot to change the author name in the commits, so the wrong user appeared. I could possibly just reconvert the svn repository to git to fix the issue but since I have been trying to merge the the SVN generated git with a new git that was the continuation of the last SVN checkout, when I succeeded I didn’t want to go through all that process again. Luckily I found the following post “How to change the author in git“.

The following code is taken from the source specified above:

git filter-branch --commit-filter '
        if [ "$GIT_COMMITTER_NAME" = "Wrong Commiter Name" ];
                GIT_COMMITTER_NAME="Right Commiter Name";
                GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Right Commiter Name";
                git commit-tree "$@";
                git commit-tree "$@";
        fi' HEAD

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