iPod scrobbling and missing scrobbles

Since the time I got my 160GB iPod classic I started scrobbling, sending all the songs played while on move to my last.fm profile. However since the beginning I had an issue once in while, or many times in the row, when I was syncing iPod with iTunes all my plays where missing. I tried various solutions, one part was avoiding iTunes and windows all over and scrobbling with a linux virtual machine, through the linux version of the last.fm player. Still it seems that the problem persisted.

After a while I discovered that the iPod actually kept play counts and last played dates, but some how iTunes or the last.fm player actually failed to recognize them and they where deleted during the sync process. The solution was accidentally found through the usage of MusicBee. Since the play counts are stored in the iPod there must be probably some inconsistency in the iPod DB that causes the issue. So a workaround is to play a track from the iPod music library with MusicBee, this seems to fix the issue, because afterwards the linux last.fm player gets every single played track in the list with the tracks to be scrobbled.


iTunes for windows..

itunesI don’t know but for some reason I am completely disappointed by the whole Apple on Windows experience. I really thing believe that iTunes for windows is a really heavy application, and it misses too many features… No library management features. For example I would like to have iTunes checking my custom folder for new tracks, or if I for some reason change many track tags, to be able to rescan by entire library for changes. I am kind of able to do some of that things with some third party applications but it isn’t such a great solution after all. And actually the only single reason that I use iTunes is to sync my iPod. Not that there aren’t other applications that can do the same thing, but the last great looking solution I tried, within Winamp, that supported iPod scrobbling, because I want to get whatever I listen on iPod up to my last.fm profile, lacked Unicode support, so it messed up all my Japanese/Chinese/Korean tagged mp3 on my iPod.

The greatest problem lately seems to lie within iTunes 9. When i upgraded from version 8 to 9, for some weird reason all my library on the iPod got corrupted… I had a while since I last used my iPod, so I get ready to leave my home to go pay some bills, and I pick my iPod cause I want to listen to some music while walking and while waiting on the queue to pay the bills, so I get out of my home and try to listen to some music, I can see the cover art displayed in the menu’s right part, but when I try to listen to some music, it seems that my iPod is empty!!!! So I had to restore it when I got back at home.

My latest issue with iTunes is with 9.0.2 deleting the track play count on iPod. Before the sync the Recently Played smartlist on iPod had 18 tracks that I listened to while away from home, and in the iTunes the same playlist is blank, no tracks at all. So as soon as I get back I do a final check of the playlists just in case and i connect my iPod in order to sync it. Well the result of the sync is that all the plays on the iPod are gone… and the recent played list is completely empty like it was on the iTunes, and none of the tracks I listened while on the go had their play count updated.

Anyway now I decided to revert back to iTunes version 8 and using along with one of the following, YamIpod or floola.

iPOD Classic

my new 160GB iPOD Classic
my Apple iPod Classic

Finally I got my new iPOD, well is it really nice though I didn’t have the time to use it much yet. I used will traveling back to Thessaloniki from my Village, about a two and half hours trip by train. Well I have to admit that what I didn’t really like about the iPOD is the iTunes… Well it is really hard to update the library, to remove dead mp3s etc. It also seems that you can’t configure many things with iTunes… and it needs many resources…

I also checked the Keep Library Organized Option.. and it really fucked up my whole music collection.. I had to spend about half a day to fix the filenames again. I have them store in this kind of tree Genre\Artist\Year – Title\Track Number – Title.extension and when there are more than one disks it goes Genre\Artist\Year – Title\Disk Disk Number\Track Number – Title.extension. Well I really have to admit that I was kind of angry that I had to reorganize all my collection. But now everything is ready, or almost ready to sync my Library with my iPOD. Almost ready because I have to update the iTunes Library file, and it is really slow… well even the sync is kind of slow… I tried to sync it half a day ago and it took about 2 hours to finish…

iPOD Classic

iPOD Classic
iPod Classic

I have been using an mp3 player to listen to music while walking outside, or traveling or generally will not being home for many years. To begin with I bought my first mp3 playing discman, made by Sony around 2001, though it was kind of big I would take it with me wherever I was going, I even used it to listen to music at the breaks while I was still at school. I really used it to much, but the size was always a real problem, like every portable compact disc player, so I have to get some kind of container to carry it with me almost all the time. After becoming a university student, I decided to replace it with something smaller. I have an iPOD in my mind too then, not the largest model though, but due to the cost, I finally got the Creative MuVO V200 model with 512MB of memory.

Generally I didn’t have many problems with it, well except a problem with the FM tuner, which I actually rarely used. However with time passing and with more disk size getting available, the same happened to my music collection. However that’s not the only point, around 2001-2005 I would get mp3s encoded at bitrates around 128kbps, but as I stated before with more space getting available, I started to prefer encodings with higher bitrate, starting from 192kbps, with a large part of my collection being encoded at 320kbps CBR, and many other around 256kbps VBR. All this means that the size of each album got greater too, in compare with the size of music a few years in the past.

Another thing is that I am kind of random with my music tastes, I am sure that someone can understand it easily if he looks at the overall charts of my last.fm music profile, so the point is that 512 of space is really small, and I have to change music almost every day when I am in the city, but the greatest problem is at the times I get away for some days. Also I always liked the design of the iPOD, I used for a while an older hdd model a friend had, and is really nice. The only problem at the moment is again that of money, because I try to save money for the upcoming trip in Japan. Well, after getting the tickets I will think it over to see if there is any way to get it. It would be really nice, because a portable music player is almost always one of the things I get with my when I get out.