Now Playing:Skype plugin for MusicBee

Here is a simple now Skype Now playing plugin I created for MusicBee using C#.

The plugin uses the Skype4COM ActiveX to communicate with skype. Before 5.5 Skype4COM was part of the Extras Manager distributed along with Skype. In 5.5 The extras manager was removed so now if Skype4COM is not installed in your system you have to install it throught he provided Skype4COM.msi. If you have previously installed Skype4COM then this step is not required.

It requires MusicBee to be v1.2.4218+ in order to work.

The tags supported at the moment are <Artist>, <AlbumArtist>, <Title>, <Year> and <Album> and they have to be like above in the textbox in order for the tag to get displayed. Also there is the option (activated by default) for a “Now Playing” string and a Unicode note char to appear in front of the selected pattern. (Depending on the computer the note may appear as a square).

<Artist> – <Title> [<Album> (<Year>)]

The plugin uses the Skype4Com Library in order to communicate with Skype. It is has been tested to work with Skype v5.3.0.111.

The plugin consists of two dll files,  mb_skypenp.dll and Interop.SKYPE4COMLib.dll, the installation process is pretty simple, you simply must extract the two files in the Plugins folder inside the MusicBee Installation directory (There is a possibility that there will be no Plugins folder, in that case you will have to create it).

If you installed it at the default folder it is: “C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Plugins” if you are running 32 bit Windows, or “C:\Program Files(x86)\MusicBee\Plugins” if you are running 64 bit Windows.

After this you have to start MusicBee, and go to Edit->Preferences. Then in the Preferences window you have to click on “Plugins” and then you have to click the “Enable” button under the “skype: now playing”, to enable the plugin.

After that, if Skype is running you will have to Allow MusicBee to access Skype, in order to change the mood to the currently playing track.

You can report any issues or suggest some changes, either here or in the related topic in MusicBee Forum

Initial Release:


Download Link



(doesn’t work with the stable… requires the latest beta)

Change Log:

-Updated to the newest Skype4COM interface.
-Updated MinInterfaceVersion 5, MinApiRevision 8 MusicBee API.
-Fixed the on stop restoring from occurring when the user changed a track by clicking on another one in the play list
-Removed original message restoration on pause.
-Small button added to display the connection status between the plugin and Skype.
For the plugin to work the Skype4COM shared dll is required. You can get the installer here

Version: (latest)


Change Log:

-Reverted to the previous MusicBee API (it was the cause of the crashing with v1.2.4218.
-Fixed an issue with the connection indicator now if the button is present the Plugin-Skype connection status is properly reported.

Download Link (Skype4COM.msi provided in the archive)


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