Avira Free, getting rid of the annoying popup…

I am a user of Avira free for a while now, I think it is around 2 years now or around that, but i always found that popup advertising their premium version really annoying as it would happen in daily basis. I tried a lot of free antiviruses before  concluding to Avira, none of them included such an annoyance. Well I know they provide a premium payed version, and I know it comes with more features than the free one but I am not interested in getting the premium version, I am completely satisfied with the free, and I really see no reason to get reminded every single day that they offer a premium service.

So after a little bit of search I realized that it is possible to stop the annoying popup from appearing. So after a quick search on Google, I reached this post at wikiHow.com.

This article explains how to prevent the popup from appearing. This will not affect any other part of the antivirus and the updates will work just fine.

So for my OS, Windows 7 Ultimate (this guide applies also to Windows Vista Business and Ultimate) you have to go through the following steps.

  1. You have to open the Control Panel. (Start Menu -> Control Panel)
  2. Go to Administrative Tools (If “View by:Large Icons/Small Icons” is selected. If “View by: Category” is selected then go to System and Security and then chose Administrative Tools.), there choose to open Local Security Policy/ies.
  3. In Local Security Policy/ies click on Software Restriction Policy/ies -> Action -> Create new restriction policy
  4. Go to Additional Rules, Right-click and choose New Path Rule…
  5. Click Browse and navigate to C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\ (if you use the 32bit variant) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\ (if you use the 64bit variant) and double click avnotify.exe
  6. Set the security level to Disallowed (if it is not already set like it was in my case)
  7. Click apply and OK

And that’s it you have blocked the annoying popup for life (well actually more like till next format or till you remove it).

For other versions of Windows you can visit the original post at wikiHow.com.