iPod scrobbling and missing scrobbles

Since the time I got my 160GB iPod classic I started scrobbling, sending all the songs played while on move to my last.fm profile. However since the beginning I had an issue once in while, or many times in the row, when I was syncing iPod with iTunes all my plays where missing. I tried various solutions, one part was avoiding iTunes and windows all over and scrobbling with a linux virtual machine, through the linux version of the last.fm player. Still it seems that the problem persisted.

After a while I discovered that the iPod actually kept play counts and last played dates, but some how iTunes or the last.fm player actually failed to recognize them and they where deleted during the sync process. The solution was accidentally found through the usage of MusicBee. Since the play counts are stored in the iPod there must be probably some inconsistency in the iPod DB that causes the issue. So a workaround is to play a track from the iPod music library with MusicBee, this seems to fix the issue, because afterwards the linux last.fm player gets every single played track in the list with the tracks to be scrobbled.


iPod “Serviced”

Well after one week of wait, I finally got my “repaired” iPod back. It is actually a brand new iPOD. It seems that the previous one was really faulty. After getting the new iPod I found out that it is supposed to shutdown after a few hours in stand by mode. Well the one that broke was actually in stand by mode for all the time it was in my possession so it means that actually there was a problem.

Anyway, now I got the new iPod I loaded it with stuff, music, podcasts, videos etc. It is really nice to have it back… I could never live for a long period of time with my old Creative MuVO…

iPod Classic Problem

ipod failure
iPod error message

I was on my way to the University, cause I had a lab on Unix-like operating systems. I was listening to the new 3 Doors Down album, will walking on the street, so suddenly all music stops. I decide to check my iPod to see watch going on, and guess what the tracks are stopped at 0 seconds and don’t progress at all. I try to access my Videos, my Images and a podcast that I have in the iPod’s hard disk drive but the only thing happening is that the software stops responding while it tries to access the content.

An so I decide to reset it in order to fix the problem and listen to some music or watch some videos, because the trip is about one hour to go and another one to get back but the only thing I get I is the annoying screen above. And I am really annoyed because I have the iPod less than two months and suddenly it stopped working. And while I am typing, I have still about 2 hours before I get home to test the solution supposed by Apple, just to check if the problem is a software problem or a hardware issue that would mean that I have to send my iPod to Apple for repair. I just hope that it is all a software issue and that I will be able to resolve the problem as soon as I get back home.


I got back home and i tried to follow the solution that apple suggests in the case or the red “X” icon. However, I could hear the iPod better that before and I realized that there is a repeating click like sound coming from the iPod, seems like the worst scenario is true, unfortunately I can recognize this sound. It is a hard disk failure, which means that I have to send it for service, I tried to contact Rainbow S.A., Apple’s reseller in Greece, but it seems that I will have to contact them in morning to learn how can I send it for repair.

iPOD Classic

my new 160GB iPOD Classic
my Apple iPod Classic

Finally I got my new iPOD, well is it really nice though I didn’t have the time to use it much yet. I used will traveling back to Thessaloniki from my Village, about a two and half hours trip by train. Well I have to admit that what I didn’t really like about the iPOD is the iTunes… Well it is really hard to update the library, to remove dead mp3s etc. It also seems that you can’t configure many things with iTunes… and it needs many resources…

I also checked the Keep Library Organized Option.. and it really fucked up my whole music collection.. I had to spend about half a day to fix the filenames again. I have them store in this kind of tree Genre\Artist\Year – Title\Track Number – Title.extension and when there are more than one disks it goes Genre\Artist\Year – Title\Disk Disk Number\Track Number – Title.extension. Well I really have to admit that I was kind of angry that I had to reorganize all my collection. But now everything is ready, or almost ready to sync my Library with my iPOD. Almost ready because I have to update the iTunes Library file, and it is really slow… well even the sync is kind of slow… I tried to sync it half a day ago and it took about 2 hours to finish…